Ontrend Agency helps your brand anticipate the trends of tomorrow, and thus create opportunities within the brand identity of your product or service. Our focus is on visual trends such as colour, material, texture and design. 

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A passion

for trends and brands

As a designer, buyer and brand manager of lifestyle and interior brands, Katherina Kitsinis has developed not only a passion for brands and trends, but she has also built up extensive expertise in bridging the gap between trends in general and their integration into a brand identity and its business.  Being forward-looking and with a sustainable mindset, she has a clear vision not to view products as static objects, but as dynamic and evolving systems. With Ontrend Agency, Katherina is able to leverage her years of experience to make future trends accessible and optimally usable for companies. 


“This requires a flawless sense of aesthetics and the ability to pick up signals early, before they become global movements.


“The difficulty, however, does not lie in collecting trends: they are available online anytime and anywhere. The real challenge is filtering these down to relevant trends and then translating them into your identity and business in order to arrive at an authentic story.” 

Providing the right tools

With Ontrend Agency, Katherina Kitsinis developed various tools to guide companies in developing their future services and products. They help companies apply trends to specific products or services. Not in an open-ended way, but with attention to the brand and brand identity. The services of Ontrend Agency include a seasonal trend guide, trend lectures, master classes and tailored trend advice.

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