Create a moodboard

Masterclass 2

Learn how to build a visual moodboard to structure your creative ideas into a strong concept

with a strong identity.

From inspiration to a specific project

Depending on your personal goal, you will learn how to create mood boards that place your ideas in an inspiring context. You will start with a broad inspiration board and end with a specific materialisation of products or ideas in a material board. 


Basic techniques

Using a number of basic techniques, you will learn to efficiently create professional and balanced mood boards step-by-step. Thanks to this contemporary method, you can combine digital input, tactile materials, structures, and colours, as well as the latest trends. 


Communication and business

A good mood board can be a strong guiding principle for the presentation of your project in a substantive and visual way. It is a valuable business and communication tool.


In the workshops you will learn to use a mood board as a tool to align ideas and concepts, and to convert these into practical applications.


  • Branding: determining and visualising the identity and target group;

  • Creation: detailing and visualising a creative project, balanced collections, the development of products.



  • The transformation of ideas and concepts into a specific project;

  • Making a balanced visual presentation of materials and images;

  • Developing a visual business tool to persuade third parties; 

  • Teamwork to arrive at a joint project.


For whom?

  • Corporate teams (purchasing department, creative department and marketing department);

  • Creative professionals in schools and organisations.

Durarion: 4h

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