Casualised luxury

The second trend theme of the trend guide MIND SHIFT is 'Renewal of the classics'. We see that in response to artificial intelligence and the speed at which the world is changing, a growing critical mass is moving towards a natural connection. Slow

design, rituals and craftsmanship are existing trends that continue to develop

and find their place in everyday life. Whereas artisanal products were once

seen as a luxury, only to be used at rare, exclusive times, luxury products are

now used on a daily basis. The biggest shift can be seen in dining, with its new,

very casual feel. Consumer behaviour has adapted to a more itinerant lifestyle,

where sharing food together when dining also requires a different take on tableware. And yet, these everyday scenarios are presented as high-quality

design in sophisticated artistic still lifes. And they are also considered valuable enough to have the aesthetic aspect of the handcrafted work incorporated into them.

Slow design continues to develop through new craft rituals that are introduced into everyday life with the aim of promoting inner well-being. On an aesthetic level, homage is being paid to the beauty of timeless classics. Classic antique shapes from the worlds of architecture and art refer to lost heritage. Traditional materials and shapes are placed in a new perspective.

New trend colours, materials and functionalities combined with traditional techniques produce surprising results. A source of inspiration that generates experimental design, refreshing creativity and an innovative approach to artisanal techniques as a reflection of a modern industrial aesthetic.

Learn more about back to the roots, future classics, new making rituals and casualise luxury. And how to apply this trend theme RENEWAL OF THE CLASSICS into products and services in the newest trend guide Mindshift #1.

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credits from top to bottom: Mateus - Teddy Schuyers, Scentiment - Agnes studio, Lana chair

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