Choose the right trends that suit your brand.

Trends are not lucky shots. A trend can only succeed if it meets several criteria:

1. Select a trend tailored to your range of products and/or services. The DIY trend, for example, will be much less successful when applied to specific brands whose target group expects a ready-made product.

2. Keep in mind that a trend is not an isolated concept but is embedded in your brand identity. A trend is a puzzle piece that has to fit your product and brand. Only when the total picture rings true does your story come across to the consumer as authentic.

3. Keep the timing of your trend in mind. Who is your target group? In which sector will the trend be applied? Is the consumer ready for it? However strong your product or service may be, if the customer is not yet open to it, or if the trend is already outdated, the effort will be wasted.

Check out the trend guide where we developed guide that will help your brand anticipate the trends of tomorrow, and thus create opportunities within the brand identity of your product or service.

We have collected and filtered visual trends such as materials, textures, colours, and shapes. Through a well-chosen focus on trends that are socially or technologically grounded. In other words, trends that will have a major impact on the consumer’s needs in the longer term. Tangible trends too, which can immediately be incorporated into your products and services.

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